Maxloop Blockchain Security

Maxloop offers truly thorough audits with a distinctive focus on investor safety. Our audits aim for complete coverage against all potential issues.

During the audit, we work together closely with our clients by providing recommendations and advice. Finally, a post-deployment round is done where all deployed contracts are verified to match the audited contracts completely.

Smart Contract Audit Services

Security Audits

A comprehensive assessment of the code by the experts to point out the potential threat in your smart contract.

Penetration Testing

An extensive exercise attempting to find the vulnerabilities and system exploits, done by an independent team of testers.

Security Audits

MaxLoop team helps you with round the system analysis to manage the security of the overall product.

Tell us about all your security concerns and take a step forward towards building safer applications.

Types Of Smart Contract Audit We Offer

Preliminary Security Audit

Comprises of some very basic testing methodologies and is suitable for those who want a quick turnaround time but don't want to compromise on the security of their contract. Usually the lowest costing, while an extensive audit is recommended for complex projects. Preliminary audits are usually carried out within 48 to 72 hours.

Extensive Security Audit

Multiple auditors, automated and manual testing tools , fuzzing on demand are employed here. May take a week or more than a week depending on the complexity of the code and project. This is the highest level of security audit necessary for a smart contract, along with other reinforcing methods like bug bounty to further enhance your smart contract's security.

Full project engagement Audit

If you have a big project and would like to secure it in its entirety , we recommend this audit service. A timeline is made that specifically caters to your projects' needs , and delivery times. Our team of auditors work closely with you and multiple consulting and suggestion sessions are also done to make sure your project behaves as intended, and grows as intended.

Smart Contract Audit Steps

At MaxLoop, we follow a precise methodology that yields the best results. Before digging into your code, the auditors gather the underlying architecture and intended behavior of the smart contract. Concerning certain business logic, we conduct automated assessments using dynamic analysis tools. However, that’s not it! It is always a good practice to manually review the code, and we do that for you. For an audit to become a “smart” audit, this becomes a necessity. An assessment of known vulnerabilities is also conducted to ensure maximum coverage. An initial audit report is published, giving you the time to refactor your code. The final audit report is issued only after a re-check. We not only identify the vulnerabilities in your project but also work closely with the developers to resolve them for you. We are willing to take up challenging projects, if you’re building one, we’d love to work with you!

Types of Projects That Need Security Audit

Token Contract/Crowdsale

Crowdsales are a popular use case for Ethereum smart contracts. They allow users to dispense tokens in various ways, making it a complex use case. Get your token/crowdsale contract ensured to mark your funds safe.

DeFi projects

One of the most active sectors of blockchain that holds a possibility to become complex when working with DeFi projects such as Compound, dYdX, Aave, etc. Get a Full Security Audit done to attain maximum safety.

Wallets & dApps

dApps, behind the scenes, have some special qualities because they inherit all of Ethereum’s superpowers. Wallets are dApps too. Leverage our expertise to secure your Wallets/dApps.

Auditing Tools

What We Offer?

Extensive Audit Reports

Our Audit Reports are designed to help your developers realize and rectify the vulnerabilities present, effortlessly. We include the different security level references for easy risk assessment.

Check for 100+ Vulnerabilities

There have been some vulnerabilities like Re-entrancy, Gas limit issue, Front-running, that have surfaced time and again in smart contracts. We make sure to specifically check for 100+ such issues.

Services for Major Blockchain Frameworks

We extend our services to various major blockchain platforms like Ethereum, BSC, Tron, PolkaDot, and many others.

Free Re-audits

A code demands to be updated and hence re-audited. Rest assured, we provide our clients with free re-audits in the future, as and when required.

Audits by Security Experts

The auditing team at MaxLoop comprises security experts who are experienced and proficient in their job. We work with the latest tools and techniques to secure your code and minimize any chances of failure.

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand your time is precious. Our team ensures the completion of an audit promptly with the bare minimum required.

12 Key Benefits Of Smart Contract Audit By Maxloop

Smart Contract Audit Report

Our clients will receive a custom audit report that has been compiled after a rigorous audit by MaxLoop auditors. The audit report will contain:

● List of vulnerabilities and bugs found in the contract which are classified into different risk levels as High, Medium, and Low severity.
● An explanation for every issue in the smart contract by the team of experts.
● Our team runs the test cases written by the developers and checks the validity of the code, providing the code coverage report.
● Smart Contract Audit Report will also have recommendations on solving the issues and optimizing the existing code.

We give our clients the choice to make the report public (recommended for building trust in the community) or keep it private.